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To be healthy and happy is our natural state. The human body is actually designed for it, as long as we maximize what it needs and minimize what harms it.  But knowing the difference can be complicated. Today average Americans are suffering from stress, exhaustion, weight problems, chronic disorders and the prospective of a lifetime on prescription medications with side effects that create additional health issues. You deserve more than this!

Getting to the root of your health issues is what I help you do. In biweekly sessions we carefully examine your eating and lifestyle behaviors to figure out what's working, and what needs to go.  Through sensible adjustments and realistic goals, (rather than punishing deprivation diets) we work together to create the optimal conditions your body needs to do what it does best…to keep you energetic, thriving and fulfilling your life's purpose.

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What they're saying

What do you say to the person who's helped changed your life forever?  I've learned so much from Lisa in the past 6 months.  When I came to Lisa, I was buried under fear, anxiety, and depression, not to mention weight.  I knew from the first session that Lisa understood life was more than a battle with food.  It's really a battle to transform our thinking and our old perceptions of self and the world around us.  Thanks to her guidance and patience, I've lost more than weight.  I've lost fear, obsessive thinking, anxieties, and an unhealthy relationship to food.

-Terrenda White, 28
Before Lisa helped me with my diet, I struggled with daily bloating and uncomfortable heartburn.  Through her help with meal planning and recommendations of natural supplements to help my digestion, not only did the heartburn totally stop and my stomach bloat reduce, I lost 17lbs in 1 month.  She also encouraged me to drop dairy products completely and now I don’t need to use my emergency inhaler. Lisa taught me how to read food labels and gave me useful cooking tips, so now I can start to be my own health coach.

-Robert Williams, 75
I had various problems when I started seeing Lisa that I had no idea were related to each other.  She thoroughly investigated my history and my medical records and discovered that many of my issues were a result of food sensitivities and lack of basic nutrition.  I now understand where my skin itchiness, headaches and moodiness come from.  Cleaning up my diet and some changes to my lifestyle have improved my life tremendously. I haven't had a headache in almost a year, woohoo!

-Kat Wyckoff, 42

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